Merging an enthusiastic crowd with techno

First unveiled by Georges Claude, a French engineer, at the Paris Motor Show in 1910, Neon lighting soon became a major tool to draw attention and to benefit from the latest developments in tech.

Inspired by Claude and his experiment to send high voltage through electrodes in a sealed glass tube, we to try to give a unique and progressive experience at our Neonbooth Electron season. By experimenting with modern and advanced lighting technics including powerful lasers, laser projectors and maginified beams in combination with a "back to the rooots" look with retro neon lighting, and UV effects we try to create a perfect environment for techno music.

With a member-only concept we allow each of our members to bring friends to our events. We try to stay "under the radar" and want to build a strong and positive community. Find our Neonbooth phone or one of our Neonbooth coins to register if you are not part yet. Each member is also allowed to invite 2 friends per Year to become a regular member.

Depending on the Event we do allow "outside" guests to attend from time to time. Still, priority in terms of admission an presale activities belong to our members.

Become a member of Neonbooth

Welcome to our guest registration. Please dont forget to enter the activation code. If you do not have an activation code, please obtain one from a member, our phone booth or our activation chips.